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Let Nature Facilitate Creativity


About Neuro Strategies

Neuro Strategies works with non-profits, school districts, small business, and cross-sector collaboratives to cultivate a culture of strategic, place-based outdoor meetings, facilitation, and planning to increase innovation, increase happiness, and connect their workforce to our local parks, preserves, gardens, and community spaces, and thus better connecting our communities as a whole.  There is a saying in landscape architecture, “right tree, right location.”  The same is true for each group, non-profit, or school initiative.  Each company or collaborative is unique and will inspire a different environment for their particular needs and stage of evolution.  A school district planning a design charrette may require several meetings at different inspirational model learning environments, and a strategic planning session for a small business may require an overnight hiking trip.

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Are you looking to liven things up with an outdoor meeting or gathering? Is your organization planning a fundraiser?  A celebration?  A panel discussion?  Is your organization developing a strategic plan?  Do you want more community input that will shape the direction of your organization? 

Neuro Strategies offers: 

Outdoor Meeting Facilitation

Event Planning

Strategic Planning

Organizational Outdoor Wellness Plans

Collaboration Coaching

Organizational Culture Coaching

Learn more about what these services can do for your organization.

Why NS

Why Neuro Strategies?

By building a culture of outdoor, place-based meeting space into our local institutions and schools we will ignite a renaissance in outdoor usage, learning environments, meeting space, and ultimately better connect our workforce and students to the local community.  As a result, employee retention and happiness will increase and thus reduce turnover and increase team productivity and innovation.  Organizations and school districts that work alongside the local community will feel better connected, and the local community will feel a part of the mission as much as the organization.  Special events, fundraisers, and planning charrettes will be reenergized through strategic and creative outdoor venues and increase donor interest and community ownership.  As a result of this connection, we will see a resurgence in usage, and need for the building, expansion and preservation of more open outdoor spaces and learning environments in our schools and in our communities. 

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TigerMountain Foundation Review

TigerMountain Foundation Review





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