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1 :

Outdoor Meeting Facilitation

Looking to liven things up with an outdoor meeting or gathering?


NS will work with your team to: 

  • Find and secure an appropriate location

  • Provide for logistical needs (i.e., seating, dry erase boards, drinks etc.)

  • Offer professional meeting facilitation

2 :

Event Planning

Is your organization planning a fundraiser?  A celebration?  A panel discussion?  Do you need fresh ideas and new outdoor venues to revamp recurring events within your organization? Do you want to better root your events in community spaces?


NS will help you host an impactful event by:

  • Helping you find a great location for the event

  • Executing the event itself including logistics, and facilitation

3 :

Strategic planning

Is your organization developing a strategic plan?  Do you want more community input that will shape the direction of your organization?  Depending on scope,


NS can work directly with your organization or collaborative to:

  1.  Directly lead and develop your entire strategic planning process

  2.  Partner with your preferred consultant to incorporate specific outdoor sessions into the strategic planning process.  For instance, if social sustainability is a pillar of your strategic plan NS can work with your team to incorporate place-based planning sessions with community leaders in the field

4 :

Organizational Outdoor Wellness Plans

Over the past 20 years, the data and research have been piling up around the health benefits of exposure to nature and stimulating outdoor environments, and although much of this logic is common sense, it’s backed by neuroscience. 


NS will work with your organization to:

  1. Assess current levels of exposure to nature 

  2. Co-develop short term and long-term outdoor stimulation plans

  3. Reduce unnecessary online communication

  4. Increase happiness, increase creative outputs, reduce turnover

5 :

Collaboration Coaching

Non-profits, school districts and creative collaboratives are tasked with solving the most pressing issues of our time.  Has your organization been a part of a collaboration?


At NS we work with individual organizations and collaboratives to:

  • Develop clear communication protocols

  • Reduce unnecessary online communication

  • Develop community-rooted outdoor meeting/ planning sessions

  • Create an environmental balance to mitigate power dynamics that naturally play out in different meeting environments 

  • Position a collaborative for new voices to be heard and innovation to take place

6 :

Organizational Outdoor Wellness Plans

As the saying goes, neurons that fire together wire together.  Behaviors and habits turn into culture, and culture dictates the path forward for any organization. 


What NS offers is:

  • A methodology for systemically building in stimulating outdoor meetings and planning sessions

  • Online communication reduction plans

  • Communication protocol planning

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Let's Work Together

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