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At Neuro Strategies, we envision a world in which the global workforce has reached a lasting balance between productivity, health, and happiness and is provided with the tools and resources they need to maximize creative outputs through environmentally facilitated states of being.

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   COVID-19 has compounded an already growing problem where technological advancements can get in the way of a healthy, productive, workforce rooted in community and place.  For too long we have depended on conference rooms, board rooms, and now online meetings for our creative planning.  An increase in online meetings and a severe reduction of in-person and community-rooted interactions has left an entire workforce feeling disconnected from colleagues, nature, and the local community. 

    For non-profits, small businesses, and cross-sector collaboratives, this can result in staff burnout, decreased motivation and outputs, turnover and attrition, digitized power dynamics between the organization and the local community, isolation, downstream thinking, and poor collaborative communication.  Non-profits, school districts, and cross-sector collaboratives are tasked with solving the most pressing issues of our time.  Innovation and creativity often come from non-traditional ideas or persons of which only arise through creative environments in which those ideas and innovation can occur.  By building in place-based outdoor meetings and planning sessions rooted in the local community and environment, we provide our schools, non-profits and, and communities with the opportunity to succeed and innovate.

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We utilize outdoor, place-based facilitation to equip school districts, non-profits, small businesses, and cross-sector collaboratives with the tools they need to facilitate stronger connectedness- connectedness between one team member and the next, between team members and an organization's mission, and between organizations and the local community.

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